Yellow bin

Information about the yellow bin in Saarbrücken

Gelbe Tonne vor grünem Hintergrund. - Foto: ZKE

Gelbe Tonne vor grünem Hintergrund. - Foto: ZKE

Yellow bin - Foto: ZKE

From 2021 yellow sacks will be replaced by a free yellow bin. Yellow bags will then no longer be collected! All properties in Saarbrücken will automatically receive a yellow bin by the end of 2020. The yellow bin is emptied every 14 days.

Residents must set up the bin on the day of collection by 6 a.m. at the latest and put it back after it has been emptied. The collection dates will be available at

The orange recycling bin will no longer exist as of 2021. Metals and plastics can be disposed of in the ZKE recycling center. All sales packaging waste made of metal, composite materials and plastic belongs in the yellow bin.

YES, this PACKAGING WASTE is allowed in:

METAL food cans, beverage cans, aluminum lids, aluminum foil COMPOSITE MATERIALS beverage cartons, juice and milk cartons, coffee vacuum packaging PLASTIC foils, bags, carrier bags, yoghurt pots, plastic disposable bottles

NO, this is not allowed in:

Electrical devices, batteries, residual waste, organic waste, plastics that are not packaging (buckets, toys, garden hose) MISFILLED CONTAINERS WILL NOT BE EMPTIED!