What to do in case of rat infestation

Grafik: ZKE

Grafik: ZKE

Grafik: ZKE

Rats are extremely adaptable animals which can colonise almost any habitat in which they can find food.

Rubbish also attracts rodents. However, careful handling of rubbish and the implementation of early control measures, can prevent rat infestation.


  • Do not discard waste in toilets or sinks – this contributes to an increase in rat population in sewers.
  • Only fill compost bins with organic waste (no meat waste!) and make sure the bins are locked and placed in a location which is secured against rats.
  • Rubbish bins and yellow bags must be closed tightly and stored in a place inaccessible to rats. Bins may only be put on the road side in the evenings before rubbish collection.


For rat infestations on private properties, owners are obligated to immediately initiate pest control measures. The infestation must immediately be reported to the Public Order Office of the City of Saarbrücken at +49 681 /905- 3565. This also applies to sighting of rats in public spaces and public facilities. Infestation in the immediate vicinity of public sewers must be reported to ZKE, phone number: +49 681 905-7000.


Pest control using poison is highly dangerous to humans, animals and the environment. Therefore, most rat poisons may only be used by pest control professionals. Consult your Yellow Pages for pest control help.

ZKE also makes use of specialists (exterminators) certified by the IHK (Chamber of Commerce) for the proper pest control. Call +49 681 905-7000 for more information.