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Garbage - What goes where?

Our multilingual posters help with waste separation

Poster Where to put my garbage


How which waste is disposed properly can be complicated – the following overview provides useful assistance.

Right hand you can view, download and print our multilingual posters.


Household waste belongs in the grey bin

Wallpaper Nappies
Window and mirror glass Vacuum cleaner bags
Toiletries Adhesive tapes
Leather goods Porcelain, ceramics, earthenware
Sponges and dish cloths Road sweepings
Carpet trimmings Cigarette ends

Small wooden articles


DON´T throw recyclable waste and on no account appliances or hazardous waste in the grey bin.

PLEASE NOTE: Solid and pasty medications (for example pills, suppositories, capsules, ointments), as well as liquid medications (for example, drops, liquids, sprays) can be disposed in the grey bin. So that they are properly burned. Additionally they can be submitted in small amounts at the ZKE-Ökomobil.

Attention! Drugs for cancer therapy (cytostatics) or chemicals, for example for wound disinfection, are not allowed to be disposed of as household  waste. Instead they must be submitted in small amounts at the ZKE-Ökomobil.


Dispose of your biodegradable waste– cost-effectively – in the green bin

Fruit and vegetable peelings Eggshells
Used paper towels Coffee grounds and tea leaves
Plants and cut flowers Uncooked food waste
Citrus fruits Green waste

DON´T throw liquid waste, plastics and cigarette ends in the green bin.


Green waste can be disposed against payment at the green waste collection points or recycling points.

Garden cuttings and weeds Leaves and hedge trimmings
Grass cuttings  


Dispose of recyclable materials in the orange bin

DON´T throw music or video cassettes, batteries, light bulbs, energy-saving bulbs, f uorescent tubes and building rubble in the orange bin.

Plastic marterials Metals                                                       
Data media such as: CD, DVD and blue-rays  


Throw paper and cardboard in the blue bin or a public paper bank near you

Newspapers Magazines
Brochures Catalogues
Writing paper Paper and cardboard

Dispose of wallpaper, sanitary tissue and coated papers in the grey bin.



Dispose of all one-way metal, plastic or composite packaging in the yellow sack

Metal packaging: Food and drink cans, aluminium caps, aluminium foil
Packaging from composite materials: drink cartons, fruit juice and milk cartons, coffee packaging
Plastic packaging: Plastic foil, bags, yoghurt pots, plastic bottles



Glass belongs in the public bottle banks for different-coloured glass

Non-returnable bottles and jars, with or without tops, glass beverage bottles, preserve or jam jars, other glass packaging
Dispose of coloured glass that is neither green nor brown in the bottle bank for green glass

Throw porcelain, window and mirror glass in the grey bin.


Bulky waste are furnishings and utensils from households that do not fit into the grey bin because of their size. For example: furniture, mattresses, large electrical appliances and so on.

You can transport free-standing items of furniture to the recycling depot yourself or it can be collected on site by appointment and for a reasonable charge. Take advantage of our special collection service: 0681/905-7311

With this number, you can arrange a pick up time with us. On the agreed date, please position the bulky waste until 6 am on the side walk in front of your house (please take care that pedestrians are not impeded!). Large electrical appliances, metal, pure wood and other bulky waste are picked up separately on the same day. Please position them separately on the side walk.

PLEASE NOTE: lumber, building rubble or construction waste is no bulky waste! Please get advise on how to properly dispose of these from ZKE, use the number: +49 681 / 905 -7000.


Hazardous waste and toxic substances in small amounts, can be submitted free of charge at the ZKE-Ökomobil.

Mondays from 9 am - 4.45 pm the Ökomobil is at the Wiesenstraße 20 recycling depot
Fridays from 9 am - 4.45 pm the Ökomobil is at the Am Holzbrunnen 4 recycling depot

Additionally you can find the ZKE-Ökomobil on-site in your home area twice a year. Find out when the Ökomobil will be near you by calling 0681/905-2000 or the Internet.